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Our mission with HomeRookie.com is to give folks a thorough, straightforward perspective on basically everything they need to know about real estate transactions, because chances are, they’ll be making one at some point, and we want them to do it right. We set out to make the site easy to use, simple to navigate, and fun to read, because hey, home is a big part of life, and life shouldn’t be boring. Right?

We’re going to keep making this site bigger and better, on a regular basis. Our goal is to publish enough good, solid info to educate even a real estate veteran, while presenting it in a manner that first time home buyers can easily digest. So whoever you are, if you’re looking to buy a home, this site is for you.

Who we are

HomeRookie is sponsored, developed, and curated by a group of top real estate industry experts.

Garret Clayton
Garrett Clayton is CEO at AmCap Mortgage Bank, which underwrites thousands of residential loans each year. An attorney, Garrett is an expert on real estate law, mortgage compliance, and best practices.
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson is AmCap’s Chief Operations Officer. Mike collaborates with dozens of mortgage branches on a regular basis, and guides the streamlining of lending operations.

Jason Paul
Jason Paul is division president at AmCap and a seasoned loan originator. Having originated thousands of loans in his career, he also trains and oversees dozens of active loan officers.
Rick Ramirez
Rick Ramirez is managing broker at Home Team of America, and a seasoned real estate attorney. He leads hundreds of real estate agents as they assist homeowners with purchasing and selling homes.


Warren Barhorst
Warren Barhorst is CEO at Iscential, a leading Nationwide insurance agency. Warren assists thousands of homeowners in developing sound risk management strategies for their homes.
Jason Turner
Jason Turner is the Division Manager at AmCap North Houston. In the front lines of mortgage lending, Jason interfaces with borrowers on a daily basis, and is on expert on lending client care.


What’s in it for us?

When real estate hit the fan back in ’08, a lot of people got burned. Millions of Americans had mortgages that didn’t make sense for them, and millions of families paid for it by losing their homes. We think the real problem was a lack of good information. If those people had all the facts, they probably wouldn’t have opted for some of those really crazy, risky mortgages that eventually betrayed them.

We, the creators of HomeRookie.com, work in the business. Mortgages, appraisals, various real estate services are our livelihood, and we’d like to do business with you when the time comes. By offering you our knowledge and our outlook, we hope you’ll come to see us as a trusted resource, professionals who will shoot straight and do what’s best for you. We hope our competency and passion for what we do comes out in the articles we write and the tools we build for your edification. And we hope you come to us equipped with knowledge and insight that will help us match you with the perfect loan, the perfect house, the perfect experience. We hope that experience starts at HomeRookie.com.

Enjoy the site.

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